Find the Perfect Relaxing Massage for You

Customize your massage with help from a professional in Owensboro, KY

Sometimes, when your muscles are tight and aching, you need a nice, relaxing massage to relieve them. At KVR Massage Therapy in Owensboro, Kentucky, you can customize your relaxing massage to target the muscles that are causing you pain.

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From deep tissue massage to hot stone massage, choose the massage style that meets your needs

Everyone is different. A massage style that works for one person might not be your favorite. KVR Massage Therapy offers several types of massages you can choose from to target your muscles in a way that feels best. You can choose a:

Relaxing massage

Uses medium pressure to release and relax your muscles while focusing on individual areas that have added tension.

Deep tissue massage

Uses deep pressure to work on tight, knotted muscles and penetrate deep into the muscles to relieve excessive tension.

Hot stone massage

Uses heated stones to work on trigger points and relax your muscles.